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Why become a Preferred Vendor through Vendorshield

One of our strengths has always been offering cutting edge techonology to improve customer service, control costs, and improve communication. Denali Property Management and are now excited to offer YOU, our Vendors, a new program that will help you get paid faster & more accurately, eliminate unqualified bidders, earn more business, and increase your top line. In addition, you will be considered a Preferred Denali Vendor and be the first considered for all our properties.

VendorShield, a part of VendorCafe, streamlines the pre-qualification process and ensures that only fully insured, properly licensed, and registered vendors are provided to Condominium & Homeowner Associations, Landlords, and others in the industry, thereby eliminating unqualified bidders. Be the first & only call the customer needs to make. A WIN-WIN for both you and the customer.

For only $125 a year, your business receives all these advantanges, PLUS, is advertised throughout New Jersey and the United States, thereby separating you from the competition and helping you expand your customer base. Joining is easy and a great investment in the future of your business.

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