Technology Update 2022

Why the Change?Image of phone with mobile website

At, we rely on our technology to effectively communicate with and service our clients. That is why at the end of 2020, we invested heavily in upgrading our entire technological systems- hardware and software- and implemented it for all our clients at the start of 2021. It is also why we continue to invest time, training, and money in our state-of-the-art technology to ensure only the best systems are in use. This allows us to provide our clients with all the information they need at a click of a mouse. It also allows us to work at maximum efficiency and productivity, and pass the cost savings.

Yardi is our new fully integrated technology, the gold standard in property management software. Yardi provides a cohesive suite of services including a robust Resident Web Portal, accounting system, banking connection, work order management, Board bill approval, violation management, vendor compliance and more.

Not only does this integrate our accounting department, administrative staff, Board Members, and homeowners,  but allows for better communication through a personalized app and text communication capabilities.

We hope you can appreciate the value of our investment, especially during these unprecedented times of Covid where technology has become increasingly important and necessary.

Our Timeline:

  • October- December 2020: System migrations and employee training.
  • Early November 2020: Communication with Boards.
  • Mid November 2020: Communication with Homeowners.
  • November- December 2020: Updating all Email/Cell/Census Data of residents, Board members, and employees.
  • Mid December 2020 Statements mailed on new system.
  • January 1, 2021- Fully Migrated to new systems.
  • January-December 2021- Continued training of residents, Board Members, and employees.

What Current MPB Clients Need To Know:

  • Yardi accounting system and association web portal is only available to unit owners through their email address. It is therefore essential that we have your current email address & mobile number to service you, and for you to gain access to the association web portal. Please click on Census Form on the top menu bar to update and ensure we have the most recent information for you and your family.
  • We are encouraging all homeowners to pay online and submit all questions and work orders online. This new protocol will ensure prompt payments, efficiency of service, and the ability for to adhere to newly regulated health and sanitation regulations.
  • All Association account codes have changed. Homeowners with online recurring payments, or an account previously set up through their own bank, need to reset their payments with the proper information.
  • All basic questions, forms and directions are now easily found on the Resident Portal under FAQ and in their Document folders. Self Service saves time and eliminates phone calls, wait times and email chains.
  • Help Videos have been added Under Need Help on the main menu. Our customer service department also offers remote help where they can easily view screens and walk boards an homeowners through registration and payment processes