What Are Five Different Roles and Responsibilities of Property Managers?

Property managers of rental properties — whether they be for commercial or residential purposes — have a large number of responsibilities to handle every single day. Focusing on the well-being of tenants and business partners, keeping track of paperwork, and handling routine maintenance are just a few of the important daily tasks these managers have to prioritize and keep on their schedules. In order to prevent things from falling through the cracks, MyPropertyBilling.com LLC provides online, affordable property management services. As you do your best to manage all the following roles and responsibilities of being a property manager, MyPropertyBilling.com LLC has the online resources needed to help!

5 Key Responsibilities Of Property Managers

Increase & Manage Rental Unit Vacancies

If you’re an individual looking after condominiums, an apartment building, or other adult communities, it’s important to increase and manage your vacancy list. Having empty rooms and empty living units does nothing to help your business and can hurt your bottom line; this is why advertising and remodeling your available apartments is key in order to attract new tenants. The same principle applies to large commercial office spaces. But with the help of online property management services, you can utilize less energy on other roles and focus more on filling vacancies.

Handle Maintenance Requests & Repairs 

It’s guaranteed during your tenure as a property manager that you will have to confront maintenance issues, particularly from your residential or commercial tenants. In addition to ensuring daily upkeep is taken care of, it’s your responsibility to listen to maintenance requests — for broken appliances, malfunction equipment, or similar issues — and to ensure they’re resolved. Luckily, our affordable, online property management services can help manage these requests.


Care For The Rental Property’s Exterior & Landscaping

In addition to keeping up with internal maintenance, property managers also need to handle general maintenance of the property’s grounds, landscaping, and exterior. It is your job as a property management services individual to create and implement preventative maintenance plans, ensuring nothing on the property itself breaks down or is damaged over time.

Keep Detailed Records For Taxes

A property manager is also a bookkeeper! Keeping track of important documents, tenant leases, rent payments, and other documents needed for taxes is critical for effective organization and overall success. For managers of condominiums with large numbers of tenants, MyPropertyBilling.com LLC’s online property management services can take care of your bookkeeping to prevent problems with your accountant and the IRS.


Handle Incoming & Outcoming Tenants

Property managers across the nation must also be personable, able to effectively take care of incoming and outgoing tenants. Our MyPropertyBilling.com LLC property management services can help you keep track of your financials when it comes to ensuring a tenant’s last rent or security deposits are paid. Aside from this, it’s critical to take care of move-in and move-out inspections and to know which units are vacated or occupied. 

Whether you’re an individual managing HOAs, condominiums, town homes, commercial buildings, or various rental properties, it’s important to ensure these five different aspects are given appropriate attention. However, online property management services from MyPropertyBilling.com LLC can take some of these items off your plate and make your daily workflow much easier. With over 20 years of experience under our belt, our integrated technology can help you be successful!