Learn how we are responding to COVID-19

We hope you and your families are faring well. Denali Property Management continues to work tirelessly servicing our clients. Our motto ‘Your Home is our Priority’ rings true even during these challenging times. We wanted to share with you how Denali is responding to these challenges.

Our home office remains open for business. Our commitment to technology has allowed ALL our employees to work remotely from home with access to our accounting, collection, AR/AP, community web portals and phone system. This allows us to respond quickly to your calls and emails. All vendor payments continue to be paid on time, avoiding the potential for late fees and cancellations. Additionally, we always have an employee working on site each day to receive and distribute mail and checks.

Our collection department is working with homeowners and Boards in determining payment plans and more lenient late fee policies while maintaining the financial health of the association. We are sensitive to recent employment and financial stresses and are working with homeowners and their Boards to make accommodations during this crisis as well as maintaining communication with attorneys for all legal collection cases.

Our property managers continue to service their buildings. Much of their efforts are done remotely, but they will be on-site if needed. While on-site they will practice good social distancing in accordance with CDC guidelines. Our dedicated association web portal allows all managers and Board Members to receive maintenance tickets and they look to service them as quickly as possible. Our managers respond to each homeowner within 24 hours notifying them if vendors are available during this time. Please understand, we have limited control over the operational capacity of our vendors. To compensate – our managers, have created backup vendor lists for more urgent community services such as cleaning and garbage. If any company becomes overwhelmed or closes, we will work to find a replacement. Most importantly, Denali has engaged several outside cleaning & disinfection companies, offering our buildings added services to address changing needs.

Communication with our clients is essential now. Managers continue to meet with their Boards through Skype and online conferencing. Together they have worked to temporarily close common areas such as gyms, pools, and community centers for the health and welfare of their residents.

We are prepared for emergencies and our emergency line remains open 24/7 with an on-call property manager assigned each night. 100% of our managers are committed to serving their clients allowing for uninterrupted scheduling and support.

We are planning as Denali recognizes the challenges many associations may face as a result of the economic stress brought on by COVID-19. Our finance department is preemptively looking at each of our associations to assess their financial health and recovery actions when this all passes. For now, keep safe and embrace the added family and down time.